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Look There! 2023

Buxton, May 2023   Llandudno, April 2023 'The Descent Begins'   'The Descent Continues'   Bodnant Garden, April 2023 'Between the Statues'    'Landed After Statues' 'Tall Trees'   Leigh Spinners Mill, April 2023 'Flying Like a Bird' at the 'The Paper Birds' exhibition   Powis Castle, February 2023. 'Jumping for Joy' after Kaffe Fassett exhibition     Llandudno, January 2023. 'Flying, Landed, Flying Again' Flying the Shawl
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Driving to Work 2023

Friday 28th April Wonderful two heron flyover this morning. I am used to singular. Heart gladdened.   Friday 21st April A flash of colour and muscle as a mallard gives a Friday morning flyover.   Friday 31st March Rain. And I am laughing to think it was THAT dance that I told someone I did that brought it in on the grey this morning. A jogger flushes the wood pigeons from their hide and seek game.   Thursday 30th March On the A road the pigeons are playing hide and seek in the budding branches.   Wednesday 29th March   A crow flies in low and dances like a turkey on the tarmac all black wings and flamenco. As it rises again I wonder if I ever saw a turkey dance. Monday 27th March   One degree rising to three as an arc of geese rainbows above me their v yet to form. Thursday 23rd March A deflated helium balloon, bright pink, in the highest branches of a tree was a heron lifting its head in praise at sunrise this morning.   Friday 17th March I forget to notice the sunrise this morni

My favourite 'Look Down' photos that are not #ElasticBandPhotos:

It all started in March 2021 during my lockdown walks and they still gladden my heart so here are my favourite 'Look Down' photographs that are not #ElasticBandPhotos... 'Look Down' March 2021 'Not a Caterpillar'  (August 2021) 'K'  (November 2021) 'Swirled Orange'  (December 2021) 'Proud Dino' April 2022 'Fish with Coral and Blue Jewel' August 2022

Look There! October 2022

'Jump' Rhos-on-Sea 28th October 2022     'Landed' Rhos-on-Sea 28th October 2022    'Dive 1' and 'Dive 2' Rhos-on-Sea 28th October 2022 ''  

Look There! September 2022

 'Joyful Dancing for Inaugural Yarn Gathering, Mold' 18th September 2022

Look There! August 2022

'Been on a Train at Betws-y-Coed' 12th August 2022 'The Clock Tower' 9th August 2022 'It's The Dive!' 8th August 2022   'Crescent Turner Hotel Sunset' 7th August 2022 'Landed in the Glow' 7th August 2022       

'No Terrapin Today'

 'No Terrapin Today'   My entry for The Poetry Archive Now! WordView 2022 Click the title link above P oem Description / Inspiration: The pond in Herne Bay Park holds many memories for me. My brother and I used to canoe on it, my sister and I saw a gull eat a duckling after swooping for bread and each visit home includes a walk to see if the terrapin is basking on the rock by the island. I don’t visit as often as I used to before the lockdown and often rely on updates from my sister. This poem was written after she rang me one day to tell me that the terrapin was not there. No Terrapin Today   Just her in the water. The sun warming her as she floats.   A fallen leaf, landed beside her, shines its green to the sky.   Branches and leaves pattern her outline with their shadows.   You say you want to photograph her, that you wonder what her eyes are seeing as she lies unmoving in the water.   I can only think of thick mud hol